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Full Suspension MTB

Samedi 27 Trail

samedi 27 trail

From 3,949 €

A climb is just a descent going the other way ;-{D This kind of thing never happens on a Samedi 27 Trail! Uphill or downhill; it's all good! All new! Fully integrated! Totally optimised! Samedi 27 Trail is the culmination of all our experience and our thousands of kilometres on e-bikes.

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Samedi 27 Race

samedi 27 race

From 4,999 €

Samedi 27 RACE is the heavy duty version of the TRAIL. With 160mm of travel front and rear, its larger brakes and slacker angles, it allows for a more extreme ride, more «Race» to snap a time on an enduro, or simply to ride full speed on any extreme path!

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Samedi 27.5 LT

samedi 27.5 lt

Price on application

To commit strongly in the downhill. .. and be able to get back up! With the Samedi 27.5 Down there's no need to worry about bike park opening hours, no more queuing for the chairlift in July and August! All the wildest areas are now open to you!

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Hardtail MTB

Samedi 26/27 OFF

samedi 26 27 off

From 2,399 €

A bike that's fun, safe, efficient and high-performance! These are all qualities you'll find in our Samedi OFF range! The undisputed leader for several years thanks to our differential wheel diameter concept. Power-assisted bike-a bike that opens up new paths-that's the whole philosophy of this range!

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Lundi 26

lundi 26

From 2,699 €

We strongly believe that it's possible to change our habits and leave the car in the garage on Monday morning (along with the other days of the week) and go to work, to the market, shopping, or just to discover your city from a new perspective. You may even find yourself having fun! We wanted to share our own experiences with you, and that's why we created the Lundi 26, a unique, androgynous and chic e-bike.

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Friday 27

friday 27

From 3,299 €

If you're one of those riders who wants a bike that's different and who likes having fun while getting around, we've got the bike far you! We created the Friday because sometimes we all just want to have a little fun. Think of it as the bicycle version of "casual Friday" at the office. It's fast in the city and practical, sporty and fun once you break out of the urban jungle! We took great pleasure in carefully developing it down to the very last detail.

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Samedi 28

samedi 28

From 2,599 €

What do you think of a bike made for taking full advantage of weekends, and why not the other days of the week, too? The Samedi 28 is the bike for old-school rides, family rides, leisure rides, or rides that get your heart pumping; to look good while you're riding on city streets or country lanes; slow rides or riding as fast as you can; short rides or riding as long as you can!

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Samedi 27 XROAD

samedi 27 xroad

From 2,699 €

« One for all and everything's possible! » That could be Samedi 27 Xroad's motto. We were constantly being asked for a bike for urban use, the same bike for touring, and the same again for occasional mountain bike use! Not easy! So, for the Samedi 27 Xroad, we took advantage of the potential of 27.5" wheels and Hutchinson Python tyres, which roll well but provide good comfort and traction thanks to their many small studs.

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Dimanche 28

dimanche 28

From 2,599 €

If there's one day of the week when you're guaranteed to find cyclists on the road, it's Sunday. Fit or not, young or old, you'll find all kinds of riders enjoying the fresh morning air in their lungs all along the back roads. We made our new Dimanche 28 just for them. Lightweight, dynamic, and streamlined, it will take your weekly rides to a whole new level. You'll enjoy every inch of concrete so much more when this bike transforms the most grueling climbs into moments of intense riding pleasure.

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Samedi 27 X2

samedi 27 x2

From 6,399 €

Wow, that's not so stupid! lt's a great idea, to increase and combine effort, or when the two riders do not have the same leve! of fitness, with children, with a trailer, to go further, to bomb uphill (because everyone knows that a tandem ... it bombs along especially on the flat). And presto, that's how a new challenge begins!

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From 3.999 €

The Speed range is the love-child of a lightweight, free-wheeling power-assisted bike and a speedy moped! The powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor will propel you efficiently up to 45 km/h and add spice to every trip you make!

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Mercredi 12

mercredi 12

From 229 €

The Mercredi 12 is a bit of a special project: it was borm by accident... but with the Moustache! We designed it for our own satisfaction, but also for our children. lt's the only Moustache bike without electric pedal assistance, but it might be the most important one in our collection: it's a bike to begin riding that will give young riders the desire to continue. lt's a bike without compromises, that uses the same technologies as high­end adult models.

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